About Us

I’m Dan and we’re the Terrells. Some of the fondest memories of my childhood involved traveling and camping in our Class C motorhome. A couple of years ago I bought the travel trailer you see behind us hoping to pass on my experiences to my family. That’s my beautiful wife Linda and my oldest daughter Sarah (now age four)  in the photo. We have three children. The one’s you don’t see are Ava (3) and Ryan (2). I know, they’re young… but we’re just at the start of our adventures. 11 I’ve started this site to chronicle and preserve these memories for them and to provide a living photo album for our extended family. Additionally, I’d like to take you with us on our RV vacations perhaps helping others to plan their own vacations as well as to give some insight into the world of RV’ing by sharing the trials and tribulations of our own experiences. Welcome to our site!

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