Ultra Guard Mudflap Install and Maxxair Ventcovers

When our Greyhawk was delivered to Albany RV I had asked them to install a couple of items although I usually prefer completing such tasks on my own. Reason being: I took delivery the end of December and the weather was getting cold and besides, am I not busy enough already?

I asked them to install an Ultra Guard Mudflap and Maxxair Ventcovers to help ease the burden of outfitting our new RV. Mixed results. They installed the vent covers and those came out well but  immediately prior to delivery I noticed that the mudflap was not installed. After some information seeking by our delivery person, I found out that Ultra Guard had sent the wrong part and the dealership would drop ship the correct part to me once they received it. I guess I could have waited on the delivery or could have driven the camper back to RV One to have them  install it but that would have meant another three hour drive back to Albany.

This leads me to the install video below:


As mentioned in the video, to install one of these you will most likely need to order their angle iron separately. Their angled steel kit (part #0094) has the appropriate holes that match up to their mudflap so the only holes you need to drill are the ones to mount the steel kit to your motorhome. I chose to drill 1/2″ holes and though bolt it to my framerails. I also shot the frame holes and angle iron with Rustoleum and Rust Converter to protect it as it came shipped as bare metal (big problem up here in the Northeast). The piece also had to be trimmed for my Class C. I had the 20″ mudflap sent to me but had to trim it down to 13″ tall. The install took about two hours and and the ordering of an extra part but it should be well worth it if it protects my Jeep from rock chips as I’m pulling it down the road.

The Maxxair vent covers are going to serve quite nicely as well. I never got around to installing them on our previous trailer and I would always make sure I’d close my bath vent when leaving our camper as I was afraid a pop up shower might soak the inside of our camper. Now I can leave these open and not worry about getting water damage. We have a standard vent fan in the bath but a fantastic fan in the bedroom, just make sure to order the right vent cover if you have this type of high flow fan because if it doesn’t have enough air flow it could overheat. Maxxair designed a specific cover for these fans.

So if you want something done right do it yourself?  Maybe… half right in this case but as you’ll learn with RV’s, perfection is rare and there’s always another job to do. Thanks for stopping by.

Driveway Camping

We’ve owned our Greyhawk now for about a month and the kids finally talked me into driveway camping a last weekend. We had a lot of fun! They gave me tours of their bunks and we watched Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and played Spot It before turning in around 10 pm. Sarah is really good at Spot It while Ava and Ryan are learning. The next morning we played Spot It again followed by the kid’s game: Yeti in the Spaghetti.

I felt this was a really good first introduction to their bunks before we get the opportunity to sleep in them on our first trip and though we were dry camping it gave me the opportunity to see how the furnace and other systems performed for an extended time. We may do some more  driveway camping before our first trip but this night was a milestone as it was our first night in the new motorhome. Thanks for stopping by.

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