Rehoboth Beach, DE


Traveling has been rough for us since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Epidemic. We were looking into canceling our Virginia plans for Easter Break when in fact the KOA called us stating  all campgrounds in the state were ordered to close. We shifted our summer plans to Maine but found out a 14 day quarantine was in effect for all out of state travelers. The quarantine could not be served at a campground or hotel. We quickly started to look into a state we could visit and Delaware came up. Bonus: we have now logged our twelfth state.

We booked Massey’s Landing as it had it’s own beach in addition to their swimming pool. At the time of booking, the pool and playground were closed so at least we could swim if nothing else. Luckily the pool and playground opened up by the time we arrived but we had to sign up for the pool the night before for 90 minute increments.


The kids still had fun as we swam a lot at the pool and the beach and bought tubes and a little boat for floating around. The ice cream shop was open as you can see above and they also had fun at the small playground as there were lots of kids to play with.


We visited Massey’s Landing during the week before The Fourth of July and and got to celebrate the holiday there. On the fourth they had a kid’s carnival with small games and a golf cart parade. Every other campsite seemed to have a golf cart and it was some procession. The kids and I participated on our bicycles along with a bunch of other children.


What’s a trip to Delaware without crabs! We only had them once as they’re about $60 a dozen. Linda had the peel and eat shrimp and everything was real good. We all enjoyed with the exception of Ryan, lol! Don’t forget your masks! We did, several times, and had to drive back and get them.

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While in Delaware we visited The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk and visited Cape Henlopen State Park of an ocean swim. The boardwalk was crowded and we happened to be visiting during the peak of the BLM riots so we chose to just take a quick look, eat ice cream and move on. Cape Henlopen has a great beach and we went there to swim in some waves. The kids loved it and we were fortunate to be able to get in as they were limiting access to the park to 60% capacity. We attempted to visit a second day for a hike but the entrance had closed due to capacity. There’s not much hiking in the area as is usual for most beach areas (flat) but we gave it a shot any way.


Delaware served to be a great change of pace for us but sadly may very well be the only outing for us this year. I’m currently working on trying to arrange another trip but it’s tricky dealing with all the Covid restrictions. So much has been taken away that you ask yourself if it’s worth trying to go see something now or going back when things return to normal so that you may get the full experience. It’s worth calling ahead in order to avoid disappointment. Delaware in fact started shutting back down while we were there due to an uptick of cases. This too shall pass.


To see more of Massy’s Landing and Delaware check out the video below. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we’ll have more to share real soon.

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