Happy Birthday, Sarah

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Sarah!  You’re a beautiful little girl and have the most wonderful personality. You always make Mommy and Daddy laugh with your creative imagination and fantastic stories. These past five years have been the best of our lives now that you’re here. We love you so much!


Brook-N-Wood Mid 2015 Season

Camping with Poppi

2015 might be the year we discovered Lake Taghkanic park, http://nysparks.com/parks/38/details.aspx . What a wonderful park, and only 10 minutes from the campground. The biggest attraction of this park for us would have to be the the swimming beach at the west end. The kids swim for hours in the cold but clear water here. There are schools of fish that swim through the bathing area and the kids try to catch them with nets. The beach is very safe, lifeguards everywhere. They specifically walk through the water at times to make sure every child is near a parent.

Lake Taghanic 1

We pack chairs, beach toys and all the snacks and drinks we might need for the day but there’s also a concession at the west end if you forget anything. They even serve beer!

Lake Taghanic 2

The park is bring in/take out meaning there aren’t any trash cans. You must take out what you bring in. They also don’t allow alcoholic beverages to be brought in but you can buy them as I mentioned above. The park is very clean and kid friendly and would recommend it to anyone. We also like the playground at the west end and usually play there at the end of the day when we’re sufficiently waterlogged.

Lake Taghanic Map

As you can see the park also has many trails as well as boat rentals and camping available. As the kids get older, I’d like to check out more of the park particularly the hiking.

Speaking of hiking, Linda and I also took the girls to Bash Bish Falls, the tallest waterfall in Massachusetts. Yes, I hadn’t realized MA was only a 40 minute drive from our campground.

Bash-Bish-Falls 1

I had read a review on Ellas Trails.com about the different trails available and chose to take the longer, flatter one which was claimed to be stroller friendly (more on that in a bit) which started in NY and led into MA. I thought it might be cool to hike from NY into an entire new state with our toddlers. There is a much steeper but shorter hike leading to the falls with parking in MA.

Bash Bish 2

The hike is quite beautiful and you follow a creek up to the falls but can be challenging with the stroller. We have a rugged stroller with big air filled tires and I found myself many times having to pull it up rock ledges backwards as the wheels in the front that steer seemed to get easily locked up when attempting to push the stroller over the rocks. Many times this left the stroller being tugged up the trail at a very narrow angle to the ground with a steep drop off just feet away. Linda was mostly unable to help as she was tending to the very lives of our girls. Stroller friendly: I’d have to say if it was, it’s on the very limits of being so.


Above is one of the easier parts of the trail but you can see the drop off. At some times the trail is fifty to sixty feet above the creek so you want to mind your little ones to ensure they don’t get to close to the trail edge. Nonetheless I would recommend this to families as it is beautiful. The water fall is nice but I believe the best part of the day was the journey to the falls. Pack sandwiches and water and take your time. On the way back we stopped for lunch and waded in the creek. There were “no swimming” signs and some brave souls were actually jumping off rocks into the water about but the water was too cold for me to even contemplate going in past my knees.

I definitely want to get back here this summer and capture the hike on video. I’m sure we’ll visit Lake Taghkanic State park quite a few times as well.

Me and the clan!

Stay tuned for Fall activities and BNW Halloween! Thanks for stopping by.

Brook-N-Wood Early 2o15 Season

This past summer we couldn’t wait for the pool to open up. This was the summer of swimming for Sarah. What a fish! She now jumps in and swims underwater fearlessly. Really gotta keep an eye on her though as she only recently turned four years old at the time. See her below:

Did It! Now, we’ve been teaching her for the last couple of summers and she even took some group classes. Through these experiences she’s gained the confidence one usually gets through practice and successfully achieving important milestones. Now compare her to her lunatic brother who just recklessly jumps in not having a clue as to what he’s doing or the consequences. I attribute some of it to his youth but most of it is  probably due to his personality. He is Wreck-it-Ryan afterall!

Ava’s been making progress too. She’s happy to be with almost anyone in the pool now although she still prefers you to hold on to her. She jumps when there’s someone there to catch her and swims when there’s someone immediately nearby to receive her.  I’m blessed in that I truly have three different flavors when it comes to my children but unlike ice cream, I’ll never be able to pick my favorite.

Lake swimming next! Thanks for stopping by!

Second Interview with Toddlers

Thanks for checking out our 2014 season. We’d like to recap with this short video. Please stay tuned for our 2015 season. Tomorrow is March 1st. and Camping Season is only a short month away so this next month will be dedicated to our 2015 archives. After that, we’re going to be adding current adventures from this upcoming season. I’m very excited about this but I’m sure it will have it’s challenges. Enjoy!

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