Streetsboro/ Cleveland KOA

I chose Streetsboro/Cleveland KOA for it’s close proximity to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It was only about 20 minutes to the park near the historic town of Hudson.

We really enjoyed being back in a campground with a conventional pool once again. The kids also enjoyed the ice cream parlor, game room and gem mining.

On Saturday, KOA had crafts available to break up the day. They enjoyed crafting tye-dye shirts and making patriotic luminaries. Later on that night they had a band called American Pie and we danced until late.

The following day was The Fourth of July and we went hiking in the national park, came back and swam for a bit then lit sparklers and watched the bigger stuff explode over the fishing lake.

Streetsboro/Cleveland KOA is a clean campground and seems to be run by a family that cares about providing you with a fun experience. You can see a lot more in the video link below. We’ll let you know more about Cuyahoga Valley National park in our next post which will be the final one for this trip. Thanks for stopping by.

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