Camp Hatteras RV Resort and Campground


When looking for a campground for our Outer Banks Adventure I quickly keyed in on Camp Hatteras Campground as it had an indoor pool. This is a big bonus for a February vacation as you never know what the weather will be throughout your stay. Even though we were very lucky with the weather and temps were up in the high 70’s during the middle of the week you’ll see we wore our winter coats in the beginning of the vacation and were in T-shirts at the end. We did go in the ocean one day (as much as we could stand anyway) but the water temperature had to be around fifty degrees so the indoor heated pool and hot tub were key.

“Teco” the turtle.

We did a lot of exploring and there’s one thing I didn’t plan on for this vacation : the amount of driving. The Outer Banks is about 200 miles of shoreline and there is so much to see and do from one end to the other and we did in fact venture from the southern most island of Ocracoke to the northern tip of Carolla during our weeklong stay. The driving can wear everybody out so there were a few days we elected just to stay at the campground. We swam in the pool, played at the playground, took Cooper to the dog park and rode our bikes and scooters on the nicely paved roads within Camp Hatteras. One day Ryan found a baby turtle on one of the roads and we let him visit with us for a day until we let him go by the pond.

The main attraction of this campground is the ocean. We booked an oceanfront site and were just steps away from the dune entrance. There weren’t  a lot of campers there during our stay due to being in the offseason and we found it to be very quiet, except for our kids of course. The rates are a lot cheaper as well but I feel we wouldn’t want to visit here any other time. I fear the crowds of summer might add stress, traffic and wait times. A lot of the businesses were not even open until March or April but the restaurants we ate in were top notch and all of the natural attractions and preserves are open year round.

IMG_5645We had a ball on Wednesday, which was the warmest day of our stay. The kids played in the surf and made sand castles. I even took an ocean dip briefly… very, very briefly. We spent the whole day at the beach. IMG_2030


Cooper loved the beach as well. We took an early morning walk on the beach every day during our stay while the kids were eating breakfast and getting ready for the day. We always say that Cooper is a camping dog and I think its because when we’re camping we’re away from the daily distractions of life. The dog just loves spending time with us and the same thing holds true for the rest of the family as well. When we’re camping we just spend time with each other and the time we spend together as a family is so valuable and precious.IMG_2029Ground fires are prohibited at Camp Hatteras and I don’t think I can fit another thing into storage underneath our motorhome so bringing our own elevated ring is out of the question. I stopped by the campground office and asked a staff member how we were going to roast marshmallows and he gave me a blank permit to fill out for a beach fire. The kids loved this! It was a new experience for all of us to be sitting on the beach at dusk roasting (or burning) marshmallows to the sound of the surf.

Beach Bonfire

In summary, Camp Hatteras RV Resort and Campground in an excellent choice for family camping. It’s a family owned resort and we found the staff to be very helpful and the facilities up to date and clean. In the summer they open an additional outside pool. The dog park and playground were nice as well. We would definitely stay there again and probably will as I see us coming back to the Outer Banks in coming years as we loved it so much. Check out our video below to see more of the campground and stay tuned as we’ll bring you more of the Outer Banks over the next few posts. Thanks for stopping by.

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