First Camping Trip of 2016 (Part 2)

We hope you enjoyed Part One!  The first part had a bit of driving in the beginning but we really wanted to share the drive up as it can be quite scenic. Now that you already know the way, you can expect less driving in subsequent videos.

We surprisingly  fit a lot of content into this weekend despite leaving late Saturday morning and returning early Sunday night. We accomplished this by packing a lot of food and necessities ahead of time. This weekend was really about the campground as we didn’t expect to take any day trips. We did however venture out on Sunday afternoon to show you a bit of Germantown and our favorite playground.

As the kids get older, school and weekend sports are becoming more of a limiting factor in regards to our getaways. We feel both of the aforementioned  are necessary to raise responsible, well rounded children and later adults and we want to support them so we are finding it necessary to evolve into “Weekend Warriors”  in the shoulder seasons. Thank you RVFTA for planting the seed in our minds that this is indeed possible especially with small children.

Also check out our YouTube channel, Traveling Terrell’s,  as all our videos will also be featured on there as well. Please enjoy the video and thanks for stopping by.


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