Memorial Day 2016

The kids play hard when we’re camping. Memorial Day was the fourth day of a very busy camping weekend (see Bash Bish Falls video). This explained why they looked a little peaked in this video. Mom and Dad get tired too, but despite our aches and pains we were still able to show our children that Memorial Day isn’t just about a three day weekend. It’s a remembrance of all our heroes who helped keep this country safe. They died so we could live. God bless our troops, past, present and future and thank you for keeping us safe.

Bash Bish Falls Hike 5/28/16

This was our second hike using the Deuter Backpack. I’m very happy with this product and all three children took their turns in it. Even Sarah. We used it once before in the Muttontown Preserve as a shakedown.

Bash Bish Falls are the highest in ¬†Massachusetts, standing at 60 feet tall. This was a pretty easy hike at 3/4 mile in and 3/4 mile back out again. There is also access in Massachusetts which is closer to the falls but it’s very steep heading down with many steps. The first time we came here we actually brought our stroller which did ok but had me pulling it up over numerous rocks.

We stopped at a great little “swimming” hole on the way out and all bathed in the frigid water. An eye opener to say the least! The water was deep enough in one spot¬†for me to swim all the way under. I recommend taking a dip after the hike to cool off.

Enjoy the video and thanks for stopping by.

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