Brook-N-Wood Late 2014 Season



Beautiful Fall pic, now for the scary ones:

Great job on the make-up, Mommy. Now run for your life!


Sarah won best costume this year for “Zombie Elsa.” I don’t know how she knows about zombies. She often talks about The Walking Dead but we’ve never allowed her to watch.

Below you can see “Elsa” rising from the dead. Watch out Arendelle!

Some campers go all out when decorating. This particular campsite wins the Campsite Decorating Contest most every year. The fog machine really set the scene.


Little Ava’s just figuring this whole spooky thing out. This is the lighter side of Halloween.

This year Sarah spent more time being the “haunter” instead of  “haunted” choosing to hide and scare people riding on the Haunted Hayride rather than ride it herself. We did take one ride on it before turning over to the dark side. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I think it very well might be hers as well.

Sarah made this ghoulish baby scarecrow as part of a BNW activity. That is Ryan’s onesy and the skull is from a party light set a woman gave us the year before. It’s stuffed with hay and we still have it today!

This Scarecrow Baby is off limits. Sarah took it everywhere with her.
Sisters in front of Poppi’s Trailer.

And a little trick-or-treating to grab some loot. Notice Ava with the apple. Many times they choose fruit over candy. Hope it stays like that.

Once again, thanks to my father-in-law, Mario who took most of these pictures of the 2014  season. Thanks for stopping by!


Brook-N-Wood Mid 2014 Season

The hot months are here and even the littlest ones need cooling off:

mom  ryan
Linda and Ryan

Golf Carts are very popular for seasonal campers at BNW. They’re useful for those, that have more remote sites or older people who can’t walk for longer distances. Sarah has been asking for one but I just can’t seem to put down those sort of roots, besides our site is near everything (although sometimes it feels as if we’re right in the middle of town) and we could use the exercise. Then I learned Sarah wanted to drive one, at three years old she’ll have to settle for a ride from our camping neighbor Ron.

Rest in Peace, Ron.

Basketball in the Rain

sarah  ava

ava  dan

The kids play all day up here and if there’s one sure thing it’s how tired they are at the end of the day. That, and all the fresh air just knocks them out.

Believe it or not, these little angels like sharing a bunk. I know it won’t always be this way.

The thing is, by the time they pass out, Mom and Dad are usually not far behind. I’ve been guilty of nodding off by the campfire a few times.  Halloween’s up next, thanks for stopping by!

First Trip Away From Brook-N-Wood

Well we did it! Sarah and I anyways. We hitched up the trailer and crossed the Hudson River to go camping in Jellystone Park Campground, Birchwood Acres, , for two nights. It was part of a Daddy/Daughter (or Son) camping trip with my work friends. We had a great time and got a very good site. Jellystone felt a lot more wooded than BNW and it had so many activities for the kids. They have fire truck rides, hayrides and activities involving the characters pretty much every hour.


Sarah was the youngest one there of the work kids but had no problems keeping up with them, swimming in the splash park  and playing in all the different playgrounds. I didn’t take my other two younger kids as I thought taking care of Sarah and the trailer was more than enough for me to handle on my own.

The first evening there was a terrific thunderstorm and the sky lit up! It sounded like the storm was stuck directly over us for hours and the kids seemed to enjoy the chaos as the dads struggled to batten everything down. No grilling tonight as we ordered about ten pizza pies for everyone. Unfortunately a large tree came down just outside the campground and left us without power for the next 30 or so hours. No worries as it was restored just before we checked out. Haha. We did manage to have a lot of fun in spite of everything.

Sun RV Resorts has done even more work to their pool area since the trip and you can check out their link above. Seems like they added a new pool area and water slides.

Funny story though: Upon packing up the trailer I noticed my wedding ring was missing. I retraced my steps, checked the splash park, had the lifeguards comb the pool,etc. I tore apart the trailer and checked the whole site all while looking after a three year old. I finally had to give up and hope for the best. I had to get back to BNW and then get Sarah back home as I had work the next day. Upon leaving I notified the staff at the front desk and left my information. As I drove away my stomach was in knots. I felt as if I had left part of my soul at that campground. My only hope was for the ring to show up in the pool filter or something.

When I got back to BNW, upon hooking back up, I slipped my hand into my work glove (the one I use to handle the sewer hose) and immediately felt something. It was the ring! I had taken the glove off at Jellystone and the ring had gotten stuck and stayed inside the glove. I had to call everyone back, including my wife and tell them of the news. I was too happy to be embarrassed.

Brook-N-Wood Early 2014 Season

Another year at BNW! This was Ryan’s first!

Ryan at BNW 5 2014
What a cutie!

First frog of the season! Sarah is definitely not squeamish.She’s always been my kid that’s not afraid to pick up a worm or a beetle. This past summer she nearly gave the babysitter a heart attack when she came out of the woods behind our house holding a ten inch garter snake. What’s more is she was fighting Ryan (then almost two) over holding it. Nah.. just toddlers fighting over a live snake. What’s the big deal? It’s the woods, right?

Sarah with Squishy #1

Anyway, she always finds these frogs and if she doesn’t literally love them to death we end up bringing them home. I think this one died but the next one (Squishy #2) we brought home and our neighbor Joe was nice enough to donate an old fish tank to the cause. We keep the “terrarium” on our patio next to the garbage can to ensure that our amphibious guests have a steady supply of flies. They usually make it through ’til fall.

“I picked these for you!”


Ava looking pretty as a picture! She’s not so much for the creepy crawlies but does have a heart that is 1.5 times too large (Grinch reference).

Wonder what Sarah’s thinking?

Now that they can understand what camping is about they can’t wait to get up there to do it. When you go over these photos you really do realize how fast they grow up. All of a sudden it seems that Ava is now walking. Sarah has matured so much and has so many questions and there’s a new little one (Ryan) crawling in the grass.

dan and the girls
Looking back at this photo, Sarah might just be loving that little guy to death right here in her little hands. She means well though. Sarah’s my “Friend of Nature.”

That’s why we’re doing this. Children grow up so quickly and there’s such a small window of time where you can do this and make an impression on them. I want my children to be inquisitive and adventurous. I want them to love the outdoors and have an interest in nature. Before you know it, they’ll have part time jobs or other obligations and can’t or won’t want to go away with us anymore. Do it now. They’ll love it!

Stay tuned for Mid 2014, Thanks for stopping by!

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