Brook-N-Wood Early 2014 Season

Another year at BNW! This was Ryan’s first!

Ryan at BNW 5 2014
What a cutie!

First frog of the season! Sarah is definitely not squeamish.She’s always been my kid that’s not afraid to pick up a worm or a beetle. This past summer she nearly gave the babysitter a heart attack when she came out of the woods behind our house holding a ten inch garter snake. What’s more is she was fighting Ryan (then almost two) over holding it. Nah.. just toddlers fighting over a live snake. What’s the big deal? It’s the woods, right?

Sarah with Squishy #1

Anyway, she always finds these frogs and if she doesn’t literally love them to death we end up bringing them home. I think this one died but the next one (Squishy #2) we brought home and our neighbor Joe was nice enough to donate an old fish tank to the cause. We keep the “terrarium” on our patio next to the garbage can to ensure that our amphibious guests have a steady supply of flies. They usually make it through ’til fall.

“I picked these for you!”


Ava looking pretty as a picture! She’s not so much for the creepy crawlies but does have a heart that is 1.5 times too large (Grinch reference).

Wonder what Sarah’s thinking?

Now that they can understand what camping is about they can’t wait to get up there to do it. When you go over these photos you really do realize how fast they grow up. All of a sudden it seems that Ava is now walking. Sarah has matured so much and has so many questions and there’s a new little one (Ryan) crawling in the grass.

dan and the girls
Looking back at this photo, Sarah might just be loving that little guy to death right here in her little hands. She means well though. Sarah’s my “Friend of Nature.”

That’s why we’re doing this. Children grow up so quickly and there’s such a small window of time where you can do this and make an impression on them. I want my children to be inquisitive and adventurous. I want them to love the outdoors and have an interest in nature. Before you know it, they’ll have part time jobs or other obligations and can’t or won’t want to go away with us anymore. Do it now. They’ll love it!

Stay tuned for Mid 2014, Thanks for stopping by!

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