2013 Wrap-Up (Interview with Toddlers)

We’d like to thank you for for checking out our 2013 season. This seems like a perfect time to catch you up on our first three seasons as there is currently about twenty inches of snow on the ground. It’s been a bit since our last post but Winter Storm Jonas has been keeping me busy shoveling, playing and sledding not to mention the hassle it’s been causing me at work. The kids love it but as the snow melts we can’t help but look forward to the 2016 Season.

Check out our first video below. I hope this to be the first of many as my intent is not only show you the places we travel to but also to illustrate it through a child’s eyes.

As you can probably tell, Sarah will be taking over the position of Lead Commentator shortly. I think she’s spoken 10-15 words to my one on this video but it makes for great TV. I might be impartial but she entertains me every day!

Ava expresses her moves better in a physical sense. I’ll have to get some footage of her “shaking her bootay” at the campground this summer.

You can see the top of Ryan’s head pass under at one moment but I think his absence is for the best as he makes his grand debut on my next post. Sarah references Lake Taghkanic in this video and you’ll have to wait ’til the 2015 posts to see more on that great New York State Park.

2016 will have a lot more video but we’re laying the foundation first.

Stay tuned for 2014 up next. A big year! Thanks for stopping by!

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