Brook-N-Wood Late 2014 Season



Beautiful Fall pic, now for the scary ones:

Great job on the make-up, Mommy. Now run for your life!


Sarah won best costume this year for “Zombie Elsa.” I don’t know how she knows about zombies. She often talks about The Walking Dead but we’ve never allowed her to watch.

Below you can see “Elsa” rising from the dead. Watch out Arendelle!

Some campers go all out when decorating. This particular campsite wins the Campsite Decorating Contest most every year. The fog machine really set the scene.


Little Ava’s just figuring this whole spooky thing out. This is the lighter side of Halloween.

This year Sarah spent more time being the “haunter” instead of  “haunted” choosing to hide and scare people riding on the Haunted Hayride rather than ride it herself. We did take one ride on it before turning over to the dark side. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I think it very well might be hers as well.

Sarah made this ghoulish baby scarecrow as part of a BNW activity. That is Ryan’s onesy and the skull is from a party light set a woman gave us the year before. It’s stuffed with hay and we still have it today!

This Scarecrow Baby is off limits. Sarah took it everywhere with her.
Sisters in front of Poppi’s Trailer.

And a little trick-or-treating to grab some loot. Notice Ava with the apple. Many times they choose fruit over candy. Hope it stays like that.

Once again, thanks to my father-in-law, Mario who took most of these pictures of the 2014  season. Thanks for stopping by!


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