Brook-N-Wood Early 2o15 Season

This past summer we couldn’t wait for the pool to open up. This was the summer of swimming for Sarah. What a fish! She now jumps in and swims underwater fearlessly. Really gotta keep an eye on her though as she only recently turned four years old at the time. See her below:

Did It! Now, we’ve been teaching her for the last couple of summers and she even took some group classes. Through these experiences she’s gained the confidence one usually gets through practice and successfully achieving important milestones. Now compare her to her lunatic brother who just recklessly jumps in not having a clue as to what he’s doing or the consequences. I attribute some of it to his youth but most of it is  probably due to his personality. He is Wreck-it-Ryan afterall!

Ava’s been making progress too. She’s happy to be with almost anyone in the pool now although she still prefers you to hold on to her. She jumps when there’s someone there to catch her and swims when there’s someone immediately nearby to receive her.  I’m blessed in that I truly have three different flavors when it comes to my children but unlike ice cream, I’ll never be able to pick my favorite.

Lake swimming next! Thanks for stopping by!

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