Brook-N-Wood Late 2015 Season

It’s that time of year again! Witches, Goblins, Pirates…..Ariel!


As you can see, the kids are really getting into it now. We talk costumes months ahead of time. They just can’t seem to settle on one and as a result each of our children ended up with two or three costumes  this year. OK, I’ll admit I really love Halloween as well. We try to rationalize our Halloween spending in that they have two Halloween’s, one at the campground and one in our home neighborhood. What’s more is that they’re invited to multiple parties, not to mention the various events they attend at school. How many times can you wear the same ensemble?  Bottom Line- Mom and Dad love Halloween too. Upside: more dress-up clothes for the off season. They really love playing dress up and role playing around the house. Really great rainy day stuff!

Check out my scary witch! Sarah really knows how to play the part.

Would you mess with this witch?

Now for Ariel. I’m glad we bought the wig for this costume. It may be stealing the show a bit though. Regardless, Ava seems to be quite happy with it, when it stays on that is.

This wig was a little on the pricey side. Where else can we use it? Raggedy Ann maybe, How ’bout that singer from the B-52’s?

And then there’s my little swashbuckler.

I think Ryan’s really into the holiday for just two years old. Linda and I always say the third kid seems to grow the fastest.

The kids are getting bigger. We’re leading the parade here. Their little legs working overtime. This was before they even had candy. The trick-or-treating occurs right after the parade and costume contest.


Well, that’s it. We’re all caught up. Starting the blog this past January, we’ve used the winter months to catch up on our “archives.” Who knows what we’ll be blogging on next winter. The rest of this website will be a lot closer to real time. Even if we can’t upload live we’ll be capturing events on still and video to post when we get back. This also means there is going to be a lot more footage which means a lot more editing. I’m not sure how this is going to work out but I’m hopeful to be able to engage and entertain. Stay tuned for the adventure and thanks for stopping by.

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