Father’s Day 2016

We went up to Brook n Wood for a very brief weekend for Father’s Day. I had to be back to work Sunday night and Sarah had a half day of school on Friday. We would have left earlier but they were having an ice cream social at her school and we didn’t want her to miss it. So we left Friday afternoon battling weekend traffic all the way up through Westchester but I don’t think we minded too much because of where we were going. The kids watched a video in the back of the van (yes, we caved- but so worth it) and it gave Linda and I a chance to talk.

When we arrived at Brook n Wood we had a nice dinner with Noni and Popi and settled down for a nice campfire. The next morning we wen in exploration of the Lakeview Hike around Lake Taghkanic. Worst hike to date. The children wanted to play at the playground near where we parked, summer heat is upon us and we might have left too late as anything with three very young kids takes three times as long. We also got lost, or rather never found the trailhead. Park employees were of little help in finding this specific trail among the many trails in this park. We wound up on a snowmobile trail and tempers were flaring. We had lunch right there and made our way back to the car/playground (again) and went back to the campground to soak our physical and emotional wounds in the pool. We don’t even have any pics to show but a day camping is still way much better than a day at work.

     The next day was Father’s Day and we rode our bikes one last time and got one last swim in before leaving. I will make this hike work, I just need better maps and maybe start from  the other end (playground there as well) but there’s plenty of time for that. Thanks for stopping by.

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