Brook n Wood Halloween 2016


Columbus Day Weekend at Brook n Wood is to some the biggest weekend event of the year. If you ask my kids they would certainly tell you that Halloween at Brook n Wood is the cat’s meow. We arrived late Friday night so that we would already be up or the events on Saturday. The weekend kicked off with a hayride followed by pumpkin painting. We later got dressed up in our costumes and participated in the Halloween Parade followed by a costume contest. Sarah was Frankiestein from Monster High, Ava was a witch and Ryan was Superman. This year, everybody won a small prize for their costume. After all the prizes were handed out we took the children trick-or-treating around the campground. We had barely enough time to count our loot when they announced the Scary Hayrides were about to begin. Linda held a place in line with the kids as I helped scare the riders on the first hayride. I rode the second hayride with Sarah and Ryan. Sarah’s a seasoned champ while Ryan seemed quite concerned especially when the deranged man with the chainsaw jumped aboard. Ava made it on the third hayride with Poppi and Ryan slipped right on again (I guess he wasn’t too scared). Sarah and I got to scare the riders of the the third hayride as well and she just had a blast doing it!

The next day brought a few more hayrides, I took the kids on a nature hike and we were treated to live music by Kin, a two man band recently formed by my father-in-law, Mario and Linda’s nephew Matt.

This weekend is always bittersweet as its usually our last weekend camping as it starts to get quite cold after mid-October. In fact we have not been up since school started as our weekends are full with soccer practices, track meets and birthday parties. Still, this weekend was a little sadder than past season closings as we’re making a big change representing a departure from  the only way we’ve known as a family in the past regarding camping as well as a big jump towards our camping future. Please stay tuned as to what exactly we’re doing and how we transition. Thanks for stopping by.

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