Charleston, SC

It occurred to me once we were in South Carolina that George’s maiden voyage (George is our RV) to South Carolina was perhaps the furthest trip we’re to take this year. This was a shakedown trip and we were following the weather and so we ventured about 800 miles South. I’m happy to say he did quite well. Just a few items that need to be looked at by the dealer like the AC but we didn’t need it on this trip. He handled the road quite well and was comfortable to drive and we love all the new found space inside.

We left around 7 on Friday night and drove ’til about 12 or 12:30 where I  got a few of hours sleep at a rest area before heading on our way again. Our first stop was in Lumberton, NC where we visited Linda’s extended family , ate supper and stayed an additional night on their farm. After having a wonderful breakfast with them Sunday morning we were on our way again to our next destination, The Campground at James Island County Park.


The James Island County Park Campground is part of a larger public park about ten minutes out of Charleston and you’re able to use all the facilities of the park while staying at the campground without having to pay any additional use fees. There’s a great playground, miles paved of bike paths, a small lake with a beach and dog park, a climbing wall and exploration center as well as access to Folly Beach on the weekdays. We really enjoyed our stay here and would definitely stay again when we’re back down this way..

We hung around the campground and explored our first day here venturing into Charleston the following two days. On the first day in Charleston we booked a carriage or “horsey ride” which gave you a wonderful geographic and historical view of the town. We had a quick dinner at the Noizy Oyster afterwords  and went back to enjoy our campfire.

I think this may be a reaction to the horse manure very nearby…

The next day we headed out early to take the kids on on a pirate tour. Sabrina was our pirate lady host and she carried an actual parrot on her shoulder. She presented the kids with pirate hats, swords and treasure maps while entertaining the adults with many historical facts about Charleston, pirates and various battles and skirmishes.  The children then followed the clues on the map to find a hidden treasure chest at the end. They collected their loot and were presented with balloon parrots. Sarah was a natural. I’d take her treasure hunting anyday.

If you pay an additional $5 per adult on this tour you get tickets to the Old Exchange Museum. The big attraction here is the Dungeon Tour.The kids enjoyed the mannequins dressed up in period clothing and how they were jailed and shackled down there.We enjoyed the historical aspect of it and besides, how may times do you get to go down in a real dungeon?

Ava front and center listening as to how the colonials hid their black powder from the Brits.

All in all, Charleston is a great historical find with a lot of ghost stories and sordid past to keep the kids interested while intriguing you with lots of interesting history. Stay tuned as we head up to Myrtle Beach, SC next. Thanks for stopping by.

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