Smoky Mountains Trip Laurel Falls Hike


We recently just returned from our second big trip in George, our new camper. I’m happy to say everything went well and we all had a blast. It was a bout a 700 mile trip down. We left on a Tuesday night and drove for about five or six hours staying overnight in Maryland and finished the drive the following morning  to Imagination Mountain Campground, checking in mid afternoon. We hung around the campground the rest of that day and woke up early the next morning and prepared to embark on our first hike of the trip.


The Laurel Falls Trail leads you to Laurel Falls via a 1.3 mile trail with moderate elevations. The trail was nearly ideal for our children as it was paved and didn’t take too long to get to the “summit.”

Spectacular Views!

The only precaution I’d report for the trail are the steep drop offs you encounter while traversing. While the path is wide enough, certain portions are not for the faint of heart. We cautioned are young children several times about this and kept a mindful eye on them.

In parts of the trail there were numerous areas available for junior rock scrambling.

We reached Laurel Falls and found it quite unique as you cross over a bridge with the top waterfall on your right, the water then passes underneath you and onto a ledge on your left when it then “falls” again.

The bridge can be seen at the above right. There was a thirty foot drop off to the right of this bridge and the only way down there was climbing down on boulders. We thought it too dangerous to bring the kids down there but I’m sure there are some great photos to be taken from the very bottom.


It was a truly great hike and I’m fearful at this point that the kids might be getting spoiled as they think every hike ends with a waterfall. Check out the video of the Laurel Falls Hike below:

Stay tuned as we went to Dollywood the following day for rides and thrills. Thanks for stopping by.

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