Hadley’s Point Campground, Bar Harbor and Surrounding Townships


IMG_4275 Hadley’s Point Campground was the perfect basecamp for our family to explore Acadia National Park. At just four miles away were could be in the park within minutes and Bar Harbor was just three more miles down the road. The campground was clean and had a nice playground and pool. It was our kids first experience with a diving board and they just loved jumping in. There weren’t many organized activities as the park is your outdoor entertainment but the roads were great for riding bicycles. The kids rode multiple times each day.


While we were in Maine we also visited Bar Harbor, Southeast Harbor and Bass Harbor. We really only passed through Southeast Harbor on the way to Thurston’s Lobster Pound in Bass Harbor but took a bunch of natural shots while we were there. While in Bass Harbor we visited The Bass Harbor Lighthouse which I thought would be a bit more majestic as described in our guidebook but nonetheless the children got to learn about the functions of lighthouses and lighthouse keeping.

Check out more in our video below. Stay tuned for our next Acadian Hike. Thanks for stopping by.

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