Beach Camping


Camping reservations at Smith Point Beach Campground are akin to purchasing concert tickets. After weeks of trying I secured a water and electric site for four days. My parents and sister live out in Suffolk County and thus were able to visit us each day. It made for a great time, especially for the cousins to be bonding.


The flat paved roads are great for bike and scooter riding and the large playground was sufficient. Bring shade with you, as there’s none of it here. What there is is sand. Plenty of it. We probably swept a half pound of sand from the camper each day.


While out here I took Cooper to the TWA Flight 800 Memorial on one of our morning walks. It’s been over twenty years  since since the mysterious tragedy but this is the first time I’m visiting it. It was a beautiful morning and we were the only ones there. Very solemn. Makes you realize how precious life is and we should be thankful for each and every day we spend on this beautiful Earth.


Naturally the attraction here is the beach. Being able to walk down to the surf from your camper is huge. If waves aren’t  your thing, there is also a small beach on the bay side thats fine for wading. It’s about 2 feet of water for a couple hundred yards out.


My kids spent hours each day playing in the surf and building sand castles. Although it’s not our usual style of camping, you better believe we’re going to to try to book a full hook-up site next summer. The very least, water and electric again.


Check out the video below that we filmed during our beach weekend. We’re heading back to the mountains next on our return to Lake George. Thanks for stopping by.

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