The Pinnacle Hike


  • Just outside of Bolton Landing, NY can be found The Pinnacle Hike. It’s a mile and a half in and out trail that offers a breathtaking view of Lake George, one that people seldom see. IMG_5019
  • The trail was a bit steep at first but it leveled off as we made it near the 505 foot summit. A unique aspect of this trail was that it brought you straight to the view. Many of the hikes we’ve taken offer you glimpses as you make your way up but at the end of this hike you emerge from the forest right onto the ledge affording you a beautiful panoramic view of Lake George.
    View of Lake George from the top.

    Check out the following video of our hike and stay tuned for more adventures next as we begin to wrap up our summer. Thanks for stopping by.

  • by.    Pinnacle Trail Video

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