Dover Stone Church Hike


When searching for a moderate hike within striking distance from Brook n Wood Campground we found this hike listed as one of the top ten hikes of the Hudson Valley area. I’m so glad we found this hidden gem in located in Dover Plains, NY.


Following the guide book is critical on this one because hidden it is. They suggest parking in the Dover Elementary School just south of and across the street from the trailhead. We passed the trailhead, twice while looking for it.


The entrance to the trail is through a private drive. Once you descend the steps you cross through a meadow with columns of trees on each side, planted in orchard like rows. Just one tenth mile from the information sign, over a small footbridge you arrive at the intersection of three trails: yellow upper loop, red lower loop and the blue lookout point. If you go straight on through you’ll end up at the cave. We did just that first and later took the blue lookout point trail which is a 1.5 mile in and out.


The cave is an ancient cavern on the Stone Church Brook with a w.aterfall at the back of it. In the 1600’s a Pequot Chief, Sassacus and his warriors fled from the British Army and hid in the cave. According to a sign at the trailhead they were later found and killed by rival Mohawks.


We highly recommend this hike and it is child friendly. The cavern provides near instant hiking gratification and if you’re wanting more you can take one of the other trails before or afterwards.


We made a brief video showing these trails which can be found below. There’s some great commentary about seven and a half minutes in. Check it out if you’ve been entertained by our early series on Camping Interviews with Toddlers. Thanks for stopping by.

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