North Carolina Aquarium and Theodosia Burr Playground

The Story of Theodosia Burr

It’s very rare that kids are going to be healthy before and during your vacation. Inevitably somebody’s health will decline right before departing, leaving you with a conundrum. Even better, they develop one of the worst colds of the year while you’re away, out of state. This past February we had both. Ryan was diagnosed with strep throat the week before we left and Ava got strep during our trip. Amoxicillin mended both quickly. At least we dodged the flu.

We passed the time while Ava was at Urgent Care by visiting the Theodosia Burr Playground in Nags Head. I thought the history of Ms. Burr was quite interesting and you can see more of the playground in the video at the bottom of the page.

Courtyard of the North Carolina Aquarium

After visiting the pharmacy for the magic pink medicine we headed to the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. We really enjoyed the shark exhibit, the alligators (one’s a real rare white alligator), and the ray tank in which the kids were sure to soak their shirts right up their armpits.

View from aquarium grounds over Croatan Sound

What the kids enjoyed the most was the Sea Turtle Exhibit. At the aquarium you can see a real Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center and then get your own toy turtle to diagnose and rehabilitate. The turtles all had different problems diagnosed and the kids were responsible to treat, observe and ultimately set them free again. We spent a lot of time at this part of the aquarium and I really think they learned a lot. I’m so proud of them for being outgoing and asking questions of the staff. I hope they always stay “worldly.”

Outside of the aquarium was a nature trail which took you to a garden and a play area in which the kids could climb, make mud pies and explore . It was the  perfect outing for the day and they all wanted to go back for another visit but we didn’t have time- seeing so many things on The Outer Banks.


You can see more of The North Carolina Aquarium and The Theodosia Burr Playground in the video below. Stay tuned for the wild side of The Outer Banks in the next post. Thanks for stopping by.

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