Pillars of Flight


This post is of our first day and last day in The Outer Banks. I chose to link them together as “Pillars of Flight” as the second location is of the first successful flight of an airplane and the first location is where you can still partake of rudimentary flight today. You can take hang gliding lessons at Jockey’s Ridge State Park, they in fact call it a hang gliding school. As we drove into Nags Head we saw them running off the dunes attempting to achieve lift but they were gone when we arrived at the park later on that afternoon. The kids really enjoyed climbing up and rolling down the dunes. The park is like a giant sandbox. I kept remarking that I had never seen anything like it before. When dunes block the bay and ocean – it’s like a desert. There’s a great visitor’s center at the park as well, showcasing many of the animals and plants that make their homes in the dunes.


They Wright Brother’s Memorial seems pretty simplistic if you don’t keep in mind just what it represents. We stopped by here on our last day, taking advantage of the RV parking. The kids enjoyed walking each of the four stones trying to guess who the pilot was. The fourth flight went so much further than the previous three. Sarah and I wagered on which pilot flew furthest. She won. The visitors center was under renovation while we were there and I’m sure it’s going to be great. I’ll consider this visit an introductory lesson. Next time we’ll delve a little deeper as the kids will be a little older.

Wright Brothers Monument in the distance.

Both of these places exhibit present day and past flying attempts and you can see much more in the video below:

We were very fortunate to eat at some fine restaurants while in OBX. The pictures below were taken at The Blue Moon Beach Grill and Good Winds Restaurant. We also ate at The Kill Devil Grill our last night in the banks. We were planning to head back home that morning but decided not to really leave until about 7 pm as we were enjoying ourselves so much.


Please be sure to stay tuned in as we’re about to embark on another adventure. We’ll try to capture as much as we can, preserving memories and informing others. Thanks for stopping by.

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