Mystic KOA Campground


Labor Day Weekend is at best good for a three night camping trip. We didn’t want to spend too much of our precious time traveling so close was best. I had fond memories of Mystic Seaport twelve years ago when I visited and thought the kids were at the right age to absorb some of it. Not wanting to overbook the weekend, the seaport was to be our only venture so we needed a solid family campground to keep the kids busy.

Mystic KOA did not disappoint. You will find two playgrounds, a bounce pillow, giant tube slides, a waterslide, a basketball court, banana bikes, hayrides and all sorts of activities. They even had a dog park for Cooper! The night we checked in they had movie night which helped out a bit since we were setting up by flashlight.

Beer/Drink Truck

Over Labor Day Weekend, Mystic KOA had a beer truck (pictured above) and a food truck selling munchies by the pool and breakfast in the morning. Very helpful for extending your stay at the pool.

Trifecta Slides

We opted for late check out on Labor Day for an extra $25 and rented banana bikes for the kids. They took to them quickly and were zooming around making quick turns after the campground emptied out after the all too short weekend. Linda got in on the action as well but I had to shoehorn myself into one and was unable to efficiently operate the bike and ended up on the side of the road stuck on a boulder (see the outtakes in the video below).


The kids really had a good time at The Mystic KOA. Our site backed up to the smaller playground they discovered tether ball. We must have easily spent nearly two hours over the weekend playing mostly “family” tether ball. That’s when all five play a melee of just trying to make contact with the ball striving to quickly whip it in the direction of your sister’s or brother’s face.

The weather for the trip was perfect. Hot enough during the day for lot’s of swimming and cooler at night being ideal for campfires. Sarah and Ryan took a picture on a 100 plus year old haunted looking tree that sadly may have to come down soon. The tree has branches out in every direction, one almost going back to touch the ground. You can see that in the video also, during the hayride.


We really enjoyed Mystic KOA. Linda has it up on her list of top campgrounds. It was our first time camping in Connecticut and we were able to add the tenth state to our map. It’s only six miles from Rhode Island so we may stay again for a similar holiday weekend (although we need to add RI as well- our typical dilemma). The campground is only about ten minutes from Mystic Seaport which you can find in our next post. To see more of Mystic KOA, check out our video below. Thanks for stopping by.

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