Brook-N-Wood Early 2013 Season

Spring of 2013 was our first experience with BNW campground. It’s so nice to get the kids out of the city and into the fresh air. You can lighten up a bit on the supervision up here. There’s a strict speed limit of 5 mph and kids always have the right of way. Most everybody knows each other and the kids can be a bit more free to wander and explore. There are hazards however, so you still have to keep a mindful eye, especially when they’re so little.13-2

Sarah loved the pool! Not afraid at all! She could spend hours jumping in. Ava was a little more apprehensive. I basically had to hold her the whole time. Nobody else could do it either. Daddy or bust!


Sarah fishing in the brook with new found fishing pole.


Also fun to throw rocks into the brook. They can spend hours doing this!


Ava enjoying the field as most she can for someone who doesn’t know how to walk yet.


Linda, Sarah and I at the playground. Hours spent here, too! Campground time can be easily divided between the pool, the playground and the brook.


Sarah and Stephen enjoying a mid day fire. That’s Noni’s and Poppi”s trailer behind them. Note the empty lot behind their trailer. It’s strange to see that today because that’s now where we keep our Apex. This post and the next post (stay tuned) were set before we were technically considered RV’ers. Mid 2013 season next, thanks for stopping by!

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