Brook-N-Wood Mid 2013 Season

To be a kid again…

We’re continuing to have a ball at Brook-N-Wood. The summers in the valley can get a little hot but the pool definitely helps to cool you down.

It’s in these summer months where I started to really get the itch to buy our own RV. We’re still staying with in my in-laws in their trailer when we come up to BNW but seeing how much my children enjoyed it got me to start investigating our options into ownership. Out of these experiences came one of my now known famous quotes:

“Camping makes me cry.”

Just talking about how the kids enjoy camping so much led me to rekindle some of my own family camping memories and let’s just say I got a bit emotional. I wasn’t bawling or anything, maybe someone was cutting onions nearby….

Another thought: If and when you consider buying an RV, don’t depend on your convertible dinette to be a permanent bunk for anything but children. Most dinettes are advertised as drop down bunks when in fact they only  make out to be about 60 inches long. This is something you just discover, you take for granted being able to straighten your legs until the day/night comes that you can’t.


“Bookends” Ava

Stay tuned for the last of the 2013 season, thanks for stopping by!

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