Independence Day 2016

Happy Birthday America! Our Fourth of July Weekend started off when we got to Brook n Wood on Saturday around noon. The events in the video actually happened on three different days. We would never expect our children to participate in a marathon holiday celebration as it appears in the video. One event/place per day is about all they can handle.

Since the fourth occurred on a Monday this year, festivities actually started on Saturday and led all the way into the actual holiday itself. The events are out of order in the video but seemed to chronologically flow better the way I sequenced them.

We started out with the Germantown Fireworks Display on Saturday night. I’ve been to many fireworks displays and aside from the one in Lake George, this one takes the cake! For a small town, they actually give you a solid 18 to 20 minute show. It’s not too crowded and there are festivities beforehand but we just came for the show. What you see at the end of the film is just the finale.

Sunday morning was the annual Fourth of July bike parade at Brook n Wood Campground. The kids decorate their bikes with flags and our nation’s colors and parade around the campground after a short reading of an excerpt of the Declaration of Independence and the Pledge of Allegiance. Joe and Vanessa really do a great job with it every year. Ava’s doing great with the bicycle this year. She’s out riding for maybe a combined hour each day we’re up camping

. Her and Sarah get to enjoy a little freedom as the make their own way around the campground. I’m sure Ryan will be out there with them next summer.

Monday we want to Saugerties,NY for their annual parade and what a parade it is. Lasting nearly two hours, every fire company and business in the surrounding area gets involved. The kid’s favorite was the Headless Horseman at the end. Well, that and the silly string.

We liked Saugerties so much we went back there the next day checking out the town briefly and hiking in nearby Glasco, NY. Stay tuned for The Falling Waters Hike and more fun and exploration. Thanks for stopping by.

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