Falling Waters Preserve Hike

We found this hike by Googling top things to do in Saugerties, NY. After the parade we were looking for an excuse to get back to the area and this hike in Glasco, NY was just the thing. The Falling Waters Preserve is located on the Hudson River and consists of three different hikes, the red, white and blue (kinda ties in with the last post, right?). The blue is a smaller loop and the white and red trails form a loop with the falling waters residing basically where they intersect at the end of the preserve.

We thankfully took the white trail first which is way more technical than the red trail which is basically the return trail and can be traversed by off road vehicles. By the time we were returning on the red trail, all three kids were tired and needed to be carried. I ended up carrying Ava on my shoulders, Sarah in the hiking backpack and dragging Ryan down the trail as he was clutching on to the “kickstand” of the pack. This could have never been done had we returned on the white trail as it was much harder than seemed to be described, I would’ve surely broke something( ankle, knee….head).

One of the first real hike my kids took was at Bash Bish Falls in which the largest waterfall in Massachusetts lies at the end. Now they think every hike ends with a waterfall. What a world they live in, huh? Even though the trail map at the trailhead spells out a couple waterfalls, rest assured they are more like falling waters as the name states. It had been a bit dry upstate this Spring so perhaps there are times that the waters are more impressive but this is still a beautiful hike nonetheless and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of nature and exercise.

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