Our Stay at Jellystone, Campground, Sturbridge Massachusetts

This was our first Jellystone experience as a family. Sarah and I had been to one a couple of years ago during a Father/Son-Daughter camping trip but for the rest of the family it was their first experience with Yogi.

I booked this trip as a shakedown for a longer trip we’re going on this August. Mechanical and emotional problems as they may be, I wanted to test everything out before going on a week long trip. I was looking for about a two hour drive from our campground and Old Sturbridge Village (see our next post) is less than a mile away. I’m happy to say it was a success. Traveling with kids isn’t easy, especially young children. Barring a few challenges along the way, we all came out of it alright.

The Sturbridge Jellystone has a lot of amenities for kids as most campgrounds do but these resorts tend to have more than the average campground. The activities list is chock full of crafts, parties and hayrides with characters making their way through the campground to say hello. Kind of like Walt Disney World crossed with a wooded camping experience. This particular Jellystone has two pools as well as lake swimming, two playgrounds, a petting zoo, miniature golf,  couple of snack bars and even a real bar. We didn’t get to do everything, but the kids really enjoyed the lake swimming and the pool with the waterslide.

We booked a water/electric only campsite as sewer services are not available close to the lake. This was fine, our stay was only two nights and we could’ve stayed a third but the weather wasn’t looking so good the second and third day we were there. Heavy thunderstorms rolled in on our second day and it was cloudy the rest of our stay but our site was great. We were the first site off the lake, right on the beach. Lake swimming was a stones throw away and we could watch the little ones on the playground right from our site which was perfect for us as we sometimes have difficulty keeping all three children in the same place/activity. One always wants to wander off to do something else. They stayed near the site as the location was new to them. At our home campground they’re very familiar with the layout and have tried to wander off succeeding once.

We stayed mid week and checked out on a Friday. All the sites next to us were vacant but we think they book up on the weekend. It could be that these particular sites  don’t have sewer service or that transients for the most part only come out on weekends leaving the campground to the seasonal campers during the week. Nonetheless, I’m sure we’ll make it back here in a few years and as the kids will be older, they’ll get to discover it all over again.

Enjoy the video and thanks for stopping by.

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