Christmas in July

Only one Christmas a year can be hard on kids. The waiting, the anticipating…. Why not have a taste mid way through the year if you can. How can it hurt? Many campgrounds have themed weekends, whether it be Luau Weekend or Halloween Weekend, so it helps to look ahead when you book. This way you know to bring your Hawaiian Shirt, some spooky decorations for your camp site or maybe a string of Christmas lights. Our kids love Christmas in July almost as much as Halloween Weekend which occurs Columbus Day Weekend in the early Fall.

We arrived at Brook n Wood Friday night and swam in the pool until it closed at 9:00. My sister came up with her husband, Jeff and their two children and we had the most delightful weekend. We went on a “Zombie/Ninja Hike” later that night before turning in. In the morning we went on a squirt gun hayride and later the kids made gingerbread cookies. More swimming followed by the Santa Claus Hayride in which you can see my father in law on the ukulele next to Santa. He also provided the other music in this video so thanks are in order to Mario for the entire soundtrack.

The kids exhaust themselves up here. They hardly watch any TV and are outside playing constantly. On the hayride you can see Ryan just lose it and fall asleep in our fellow camping kid Brody’s lap.

After the hayride we went up to the Rec. Center where Santa had presents for all the girls and boys (hint, hint to parents) followed by an Ice Cream Social.

The next morning we all went on a hike and painted rocks followed by, you guessed it: more swimming. Ava and Ryan actually took naps in the afternoon and we went out later for ice cream at the Holy Cow in Red Hook, NY.

My sister and family checked out the next day and the children played in the brook and weswam a bit more in the pool to tire the kids out for the ride home. We’re so glad they could come up and join us for the weekend and it’s so nice to get the cousins together.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the video!

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