Happy Birthday Ava!

Happy despite it all!

Happy Birthday to Ava who turned four years old on August 2nd. , and yes, that’s a full cast on her right leg! She broke her tibia playing with friends in the yard just three days before her Birthday BBQ. We scrambled to change the venue to a more friendly ceramics class and it worked out anyway as we had rain the day of her proposed party. Hopefully the cast is only on for three weeks and we can salvage the last couple  weekends of summer. Linda and I were in tears as the doctor was casting her leg as she’s been doing so good with swimming and bicycling around the campground this season.

Ava after picking up the wheelchair, which she loves!

Luckily her siblings have been so helpful so far. After much consideration, we are not altering our camping plans for the rest of the summer. Activities maybe, but we’re still going away as we have two other children to think about and it’s their summer as well. Besides, they have been going a bit stir crazy in the house, any new activity will be a welcome activity for them. Kids will be kids. Bones can get broken, skin will be bruised and cuts will happen. All we can do is adapt and overcome these challenges as a family. Now stay tuned as to how we make out. Thanks for stopping by.

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