Lake George Trip

As you may have noticed in our recent post when we went to Sturbridge, MA there were things we (I) wanted to do in the area that were left on the table. I’m ok with that, being we’re traveling and vacationing with small children but just days before we set out on this trip we were thrown yet another curveball: Ava fractured her tibia playing with kids in the yard and after 6 hours in the ER it was determined she needed a full leg cast for a minimum of three weeks. We were in tears thinking of this poor child not yet four years old yet having to cope with the limitations set upon her in the middle of summer. What should we do, cancel the trip? How is she going to react when her siblings can swim and ride their bicycles and she’s confined to a wheelchair. Doctors orders were no weight bearing meaning we would have to do everything for this poor child. It was a difficult call.

13654409_10210384340193131_692566015519912417_nWell, we have two other children to think about. What about their summer? They started going nuts sitting around the house, Ava too. This accident has stressed each member of our family even if some are too young to express it. We decided that whatever limitations existed it was still better to go. A lot of work for Mom and Dad sure but this whole endeavor has been work. Raising small children is work. Camping is work. Life is work, but we love our family and we love giving our children these experiences.So here we go…

I said earlier that there were things left on the table but we still were able to do quite a bit. I was hoping to film at least three movies from this trip but the work we put in limited my ability to film as I was helping Ava, or the other two… or perhaps pushing a wheelchair. A few times Linda and I split up and I took Sarah and Ryan swimming but we had good family time as well. Lake George Escape is a great family campground. Every day of the week had activities and crafts that Ava could make. They had a great saltwater pool with a splash zone for the little ones as well. We also swam and tubed in the Schroon River. All the kids were able to enjoy the large playground and I brought our bicycle trailer so Ava could take rides with us. We could have spent a lot more time there.

We went into Lake George Village to visit  Fort William Henry for a ghost tour that probably would be better suited for older kids and returned the next day to visit a small amusement park, Dr. Morbid’s Haunted House and and ride the Minne-Ha-Ha Steamboat around the lower lake. Sarah and Ryan really loved the haunted house and were asking to go back the next day. Note: this is probably too scary for most children their age by my kids seem to have this fearlessness  about them. I call it vigor.

We visited Fort Ticonderoga at he top of the lake another morning and were able to see the way soldiers lived, performed and prepared for battle. We stuck around long enough to seem them fire the cannon and left afterwards as the heat of the afternoon was getting to the kids.

The weather was great for us. Great nights for campfires and warm days. We actually had a couple days that we didn’t get wet at all. A good thing for Ava as we definitely didn’t want her to feel excluded. Sure,there were things we would have liked to do but couldn’t. I didn’t film and capture as many memories as I would have liked, but Lake George – We will be back! Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy our “highlights” video.


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