Long Island Aquarium

This past week myself and the kids stayed out with my parents in Suffolk County for a few days as Linda was working and it’s a bit difficult caring for all of them solo now that Ava’s in a cast. We went out one morning to the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead and had the best time. The children were engaged for hours petting stingrays, watching sharks and learning about all different kinds of fish and the local ecosystem. We attended a sea lion show as well but the favorite for the kids was the Ray Pool. There’s no replacement, especially for children, for the sensation of actually touching something and even feeding it.

The aquarium is not only fish. There are penguins, alligators, otters and even monkeys to be seen. We had gone here last summer and I’m sure we’ll go here next summer as well, making it a yearly ritual.

When I was editing this video I became inspired by some of the music for the movie,  Jaws. The famous theme can be heard on this video as well as some of the music in the movie that set the stage for many of the town scenes. Enjoy the video and thanks for stopping by!

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