Our 2017 Jayco Greyhawk 31FS

I did a lot of research when deciding to buy a larger camper for my family. We looked into Fifth Wheels, Class A Motorhomes, Class C Motorhomes, Super C Motorhomes and even Toyhaulers. In the end, only a Class C had the dedicated bunk space for each of our three children. We wanted each child to have a retreat that they can go to whether we’re driving or at the campground, at night and also in the middle of the day if need be. A jack knife sofa or drop down bunk just didn’t seem to fit these needs. Many bunkhouse motorhomes are built for two adults and two children. Now add a third child to the mix and the choices narrow significantly. Enter the tried and true Class C Motorhome with dedicated third cabover bunk. Very similar to the RV I grew up vacationing in. Now which Class C?  A quest for the right manufacturer led me to Jayco with their two year warranty, solid reputation and great floorpan. There’s a lot of detail and functional features to the Greyhawk that don’t seem to be present on other Class C’s. With that, I’ve heard you’ll pay a little more for a Jayco but that was inconsequential once I made up my mind. You can find our floorpan below:


What I love: The floorplan, 7,500 pound towing capacity, the performance, fit and finish, large windows, navigation,  entertainment options, materials, exterior body paint, seamless fiberglass cap, full fiberglass roof, exterior propane hookup, frameless windows, generator, aluminum wheels, large bathroom,  tankless hot water heater, dedicated bunk space for all the kids.

Alright we all know nothing can be perfect and there’s trade off for everything, hence there’s no perfect RV as well. So heres a few things I’d change if I could (and some I can and might attempt sometime): Small camp side awning due to to bunk slide out, only one house battery, tankless hot water heater*, rear window only for emergency exit (no screen), door only opens 90 degrees, limited exterior storage.

You might have noticed the tankless hot water system made it onto both lists. I like the idea of us all taking showers relatively back to back and not running out of hot water however I’d like to boondock at some National Parks and while the system is “tankless” the gray water tank is just that: a tank. A tank that’s going to fill up quickly. We’ll have to figure that one out when we get there. Maybe not take showers for those few days when we stay at those type of parks. I’ve read in the forums that there’s also a learning curve when it come to this on demand unit so we’ll let you know how we make out (fingers crossed). It’s standard equipment with no other option available so we really had no other choice.

Check out Jayco’s 31FS page here with a 360 degree tour available:


Also feel free to check out our comprehensive 28 minute driveway walk through below:

That’s it for now. Besides the trip back from Albany towing the Jeep behind us, our experience is limited so far but we’ll be sure to update you as we go along. I am planning a few minor modifications as well and I’ll  post them up on this site in the weeks to come. Thanks for stopping by.

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