Greyhawk Mods – Part One

I’ve been getting the camper ready for use and have found it necessary to perform a few modifications to be ready for Spring camping. The first mod I didn’t even know was necessary until I started reading through the Jayco Owners Forums , (I’ll confess to have been reading them for approximately a year or so in my motorhome research). The cabover  TV for safety reasons is wired to only play while the vehicle is off. Turn on the ignition and that TV cuts out as well as anything plugged into that outlet (DVD player for all my TV’s). Since I can’t possibly watch that TV while driving, I chose to “enable” it to play while underway. It’s a real simple: cut or disconnect the lead (purple or red) feeding the relay glued to the back of the outlet, insulate it with electrical tape and reassemble.

The next mod was to provide some privacy for the cab windows and keep the summer heat out. has heat shields for the windshield and side windows. I like the gold series but the original is still attractive as well.

Lastly, we found mattress to provide the specialty RV mattress protectors we were looking for to protect our investment. They have a special size for the overhead bunks of Class C Motorhomes as well as the bunks in the back. The Essential Campers Sheet is an all in one. It’s feels like a sheet on top but has a protective layer on the underside that will protect the mattress from spills, etc. We also bought a standard mattress protector from them as well for our specially sized RV Queen Bed (60 x 72) to protect the Denver Mattress. All the products, mattress protectors and sunshades,  fit quite well and we’re pleased so far. Check out the video below highlighting some of these modifications. Thanks for stopping by.




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