Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theater

Courtesy: Barharborinfo.com

I learned about Diver Ed’s program through guidebooks. Everyone that has gone on his educational boat ride has raved about it. He and his crew educate the little ones while also entertaining them. Yeah, there’s some potty talk involved as Diver Ed is just a big kid but Linda and I also learned a great deal as well. His boat, the Starfish Enterprise, leaves from the beautiful campus of The College of the Atlantic right outside Bar Harbor and takes you about a half hour out to his diving spot. There he dives with an underwater video camera uplinked to a large screen on deck so you can see the process of battling lobsters and crabs while attempting to capture them in his dive bag. Ed then brings them onboard and invites all the children up to view, touch and even kiss the sea animals all the while entertaining with his raucous sense of humor.

The kids with Diver Ed

He then returns the creatures to the salty depths so they can perhaps participate in another showing. We highly recommend this cruise to anybody with kids and even though tickets might be considered a bit pricey, Diver Ed’s show just may be your children’s number one highlight to their Bar Harbor vacation. If you’re wondering just what the cruise is like, check our video below,

Or visit  Diver Ed’s website for more information. Stay tuned as we’re heading back into Acadia National Park next. Thanks for stopping by.

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