The North and South Bubbles Hike


The Bubbles Trails are a popular network of three trails in Acadia National Park. There is a small lot off of Park Loop Road that leads to the trail head. The lot fills quickly and we had to wait about 15 or 20 minutes for a spot to open up. Not far into the trail we encountered the Bubbles Divide Trail which is basically a fork which leads either to North Bubble Mountain or South Bubble Mountain. We opted to visit North Bubble first as we heard it to be the more technical and strenuous trail (the kids are into the challenge).

Jordan Pond

The summit of North Bubble is 872 feet above sea level and there are great views of Jordan Pond from the top. There also is a trail around Jordan Pond which you can hike down to from North Bubble but we didn’t have time on this trip. We then retraced our steps back down to Bubbles Divide and then on to South Bubble.IMG_4355South Bubble has nice views of the Pemetic Mountain at 766 feet and is also where you can find Balance Rock (known as Bubble Rock) which teeters high above seemingly to threaten to roll off the mountain at any time. Hikers try to push it off but have been unsuccessful to date. You can find video highlights of our hike below:

Stay tuned as we’re off to Franconia Notch next. Thanks for stopping by.

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