The Flume Gorge


The Flume Gorge is a natural gorge cut by The Flume Brook located in Franconia State Park, New Hampshire. It’s much like a canyon with walls of granite on either side that rise seventy to ninety feet above you. It’s a paid attraction and accessible as there are bridges, walkways and stairs that serve to turn a strenuous hike into a moderate stroll. There is a also a bus that runs up to the top making this attraction accessible to most anyone.


We opted to hike the 1.8 mile loop traversing aside Flume Brook to Avalanche Falls and Top ‘O Gorge at 515 feet. We went on a pretty hot day but the closer you come to the falls the cooler it gets. You can feel a cool breeze blowing downstream and the smell of the forests and flowing water is something truly difficult to describe.


From Top ‘O Gorge we strolled on down to “The Pool” and on back to the visitor center. This hike is definitely worth the admission and your time and it can be coupled with The Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway if you purchase the Discovery Pass. We finished the trail rather late and didn’t have time to ride the tram as they stop heading up the mountain at five so if you’re planning your day, leave plenty of time to get to the tram by four.

Avalanche Falls

Please check out our video below highlighting our hike at The Flume. Be sure to stay tuned as we show you the campground we stayed at next. Thanks for stopping by.


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