Mountain Lake Campground


Guidebooks, guidebooks, guidebooks. I can’t stress enough on consulting guidebooks and reading reviews before you book a campground, especially if you’re staying for a week. That’s how we found this gem, and we’re not the only ones who think so.  I called back in January during their first set of office hours and they only had two sites left available. Turns out most campers booked when checking out the previous year. We did so ourselves when checking out after our recent stay.


We stayed over the week of Independence Day, Mountain Lake has their own fireworks show over the lake. There wasn’t a bad seat in the house, we were practically right under the fireworks.


Mountain Lake has a top notch pool area with two waterslides that we spent hours on each day racing each other down. If you’re looking for a beach they have that too. We swam out to the floating dock and rented a paddle boat near the end of our stay.


They have a great playground and camp store. If I had to only disclaim one thing, it would be that the hills in the campground might be a little tough to peddle  bicycles, especially for the younger kids. Check out the following link and our video below highlighting The Fourth of July and our stay at Mountain Lake Campground.

As I said above, we’re coming back next year for the same week and are looking forward to it. Besides, we feel we left a lot undone at Franconia Notch so we’re coming back for that too. Stay tuned as we have some holiday cheer in store for you up next. Thanks for stopping by.

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