Santa’s Village, Jefferson NH


Santa’s Village is a small, family friendly theme park set in the mountains of New Hampshire. The atmosphere is perfect for young children and the grounds are well manicured and clean. The kids absolutely loved it here!


Christmas music pipes throughout the entire park, the staff is friendly and the price is decent for what you get. We spent the entire day here.


As for the rides, I think we all liked the flume ride, The Yule Log Flume, the best although I took Sarah on their coaster, Rudy’s Rapid Transit, and there may exist a tie between the two.


We also loved the antique cars and I can’t believe Sarah was tall enough to drive her own. Ryan and I watched as she drove off single handedly. My baby all grown up!


There was one feature that I had discounted when planning our visit: The Ho Ho H20 Water Park. We spent our last hours at the park here and the kids were just besides themselves getting splashed and sliding down the water slides! We literally closed the park. Santa’s elves were shutting down the park as we were walking out.


Santa’s Village has a deal that if you arrive at the park after 3 pm admission for another day is free. Not if, but when we come back here we plan to take advantage of that maybe splashing at the water park for the partial day and coming back for the rides on the next.

Our video aboveĀ captures some of the highlights and we highly recommend anyone visiting the White Mountains area with small children take in this attraction. Thanks for stopping by.

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