Woodridge Jellystone FH Trip

IMG_4675Sarah, Ava and I were able to attend my annual father/kids camping trip with my work friends this year. Sorry no Ryan this year as I was the only adult supervision as the wives are not invited. I’m happy to say the older kids took in my girls and everybody had a great time even though we did miss mom. The kids were very busy all weekend with their new friends bouncing on the bounce pillow, playing on the playground and splashing and swimming at the splash pad. We had great weather all weekend with the exception of a few hours our last night but it worked out conveniently as Boo Boo and Cindy were having their dance party in the theatre that night. It cleared up for our campfire just in time for marshmallows and spooky stories.


Woodridge Jellystone is not cheap mind you but it’s resort style camping at it’s best. The campground is clean and has a lot of activities and amenities for kids. The splash zone and bouncy pillow entertained the kids for hours and we took a hayride on the second day.  I wasn’t able to shoot much video while I was there as I was alone with the kids but feel free to check out the highlight reel below made possible with additional footage taken by the guys. Stay tuned as we’re back to Brook n Wood next for some more Christmas Cheer. Thanks for stopping by.


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