Shenandoah River Rafting

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With all the hiking we’ve been doing, I thought it’d be nice to work our arms a little bit as well by rafting down The Shenandoah River. We booked a three hour trip from site 16 to site 19 as seen on the map below. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive taking on the class 2 rapids with the kids but all worked out well. The current takes you down river easily so you hardly have to paddle. The hardest part was keeping the raft heading straight down river (why are we going around in circles?). With a little practice, Linda and I were able to work as bowman and sternman before we hit the rapids.
We did great on the rapids taking on a little bit of water which we pulled over on a beach and dumped out. This would have been great during the warmer months for swimming but the water temps were still a little chilly in April. We left spider beach and the kids couldn’t stop raving about the rapids all the way down to the take out. We’re raising a bunch of adrenaline junkies.
Check out the video above as I tried to capture our trip down the river. Sorry, no rapids. My hands were full and I feared I might drop my camera to the bottom of the river. We’ll take you on our last hike of Easter Break next. Thanks for stopping by.

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