Oaklawn Farm Zoo


We stopped by the visitor center in Kingston and the woman working behind the desk excitedly recommended The Oaklawn Farm Zoo. The Nova Scotian people couldn’t be more proud of their zoo. Admission is reasonable and they have a lot of animals. Some our favorites were the lions and the horses.


As you make your way through the zoo there are gates. Proceed through the gate and now you’re actually in with the llamas, alpacas and goats. Proceed through the next gate and you’re now back on the appropriate side of “the fence.” They also had a barn with farm animals and a reptile exhibit above the gift shop.


If you’re near Aylesford, I highly recommend a trip to the Oaklawn Farm Zoo. We spent about a half day here. You can see more of the zoo in the video below. Stay tuned as we spend more time with horses and experience some crazy tides next. Thanks for stopping by.

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