Hatfield Farm & Hall’s Harbor


Sarah’s been real into horses lately and had been looking forward to going to The Hatfield Farm for the last couple of days. This was the longest horse ride she has been on so far. Also the largest horse. All the kids went on a good ten to fifteen minute ride each.

After touring their barn we headed up to the corral for their rides. There was only one girl giving rides and their brochure recommends calling first. It worked out because they have a petting pen with goats and donkeys as well a a charmingly rustic playground near the corral to keep the kids busy as they were waiting for their turn.


There’s another playground near the front and we spent some more time here before heading to Halifax which was a 20 minute drive away. we spent a few hours here.

We had an early dinner in Halifax but sadly did not have time to get to The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic before the 5:00 closing time. I’ve added it to my next time list as well as Peggy’s Cove.

Dinner in Halifax

We took day off after Halifax for some campground time and went out to Hall’s Harbor the following day to experience The Bay of Fundy and eat some lobster.

Before heading out check the tide tables. You ideally want to go when the tide is low to see the boats resting on the bottom as we did. While eating we watched the tide coming in and starting to fill the Harbor. The tides are a six hour event and we weren’t able to stay to watch the tide come fully in but we got the general idea by looking at the high water marks on the pilings.

IMG_2516The tides really do fluctuate about thirty feet in the Bay of Fundy and sometimes more then forty feet depending on storm activity and the moon’s position in the sky. When they come in it’s pretty fast. We were exploring some tide pools and not even fifteen minutes after we went back up to the upper beach the tide pools had been filled in.

IMG_2517I’m still really surprised how much the kids love lobster (well Ryan just likes to play with them it seems). Ava particularly loves it and can eat a full pound and three quarter lobster on her own.IMG_6764

We’re off to Maine next in search of more lobster. All in all, I feel Nova Scotia was a great trip even with changing money and the usual learning curve but it is vast as I’ve said before and it took a long time to get really anywhere. There’s quite a few things that we didn’t get to on this trip and one day I’d like to get back and visit the Southeast corner of the province.

Above you can see the children building rock cairns, please check out the video below highlighting our trip to both Hatfield Farm and Hall’s Harbor. Thanks for stopping by.

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