The Schoodic Side of Acadia

IMG_2587Back to Maine. What can I say? One of our favorite places on Earth. Mountains meeting Oceans and the spectacular landscape it creates. This year we stayed in Schoodic Woods Campground in Winter Harbor. The Schoodic Peninsula is regarded as the quiet part of Acadia but we found it to be beautiful and unique to it’s own self. It’s separated from the rest of Acadia by water (Mount Desert Narrows) and really seems different from the other parts  of Acadia National Park.


Schoodic Woods Campground is run by The National Park Service. It’s only a few years old and residents still call it the new campground. It’s a beautiful campground and it was our first time actually staying in a National Park. The beauty is what this campground is all about. It doesn’t have a pool. It doesn’t even have a playground. We all thought this to be a problem but the kids reveled! Their imaginations kept them busy for hours at the campground.

The dark pieces of rock to Sarah’s left are actually hardened lava from past volcanic activity.

The campground does have Ranger Programs though. All three worked on their Ranger Books and became National Park Service Junior Rangers. The campground also has bath houses (showers outside the park in Winter Harbor) and none of the sites had sewer hook ups. I bought a Barker 32 gallon Tote-A-Long to help with my gray tank and we showered every night.

These pictures are of Schoodic Point. The kids had a ball jumping from rock to rock although it was a bit unnerving to Linda and myself as we feared them falling into a crevice or even into the Atlantic as they can get ahead of us so easily. Like little ninjas.


We also visited The Schoodic Institute and learned about local flora and fauna as well as some of the science of early communication. The kids practiced morse code and learned about radar and telecommunications.


We can truly say we love the Schoodic Peninsula. We stayed outside Bar Harbor last year and I can say I love them both but for different reasons. We did find a playground in Winter Harbor and a nice beach and we’ll show you them in the next post.


Check out the video below to see more of the campground and Schoodic Point. Watch to the end as we happened into an impromptu bongo session while at the point. These knuckleheads really got into it!  Thanks for stopping by!

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