Maine Life

IMG_7171Schoodic Point Campground is a wonderful spot for all that is natural however it doesn’t have the amenities that many campgrounds do such as playgrounds or pools. You’re expected to experience nature at it’s most beautiful. And that’s what they did: forming exploration parties and playing with their stuffed animals in the woods.

Hunting Party

It was necessary, however they burn some energy. We talked to a local that said there was a playground behind the town hall. The kids had a wonderful time there and it was only five minutes from the campground. I highly recommend it to families staying The National Park Service Campground.

Shopping for our next family car.


We also found Sand Cove Beach right Main Street in Winter Harbor. It seems to be a swimming beach but it was a little cold the day we went. We spent time beachcoming and wading in the cool water. We found a trail on the way out that led to Camp Moore, an old decommissioned Boy Scout Camp.



We also went to Jordon Pond in Acadia National Park for some swimming a day or two after. Ryan has a knack for finding dead things at the beach. There were plenty of crab carcasses at Sand Cove Beach that were eaten by gulls but somehow Ryan had found a whole dead crab and befriended it. It did not come back to the camper with us as he requested. Later he found a dead fish at Jordon Pond and reveled in chasing his sisters with it.

Later in the trip we revisited the famous Sand Beach in Acadia and spent a few hours climbing the rocks and playing in the sand and surf. For some reason the kids fought us about going to Sand Beach but they had the time of their lives once we were there.

IMG_2630The kids were definitely more capable on this year’s visit than last. Daring to enter the cold water deeper and deeper occasionally getting knocked down by the waves.



Maine is such a beautiful place. Everybody wants to go again next year. I could see us planning a quick trip up and back next summer although there is so much of America we’ve yet to see.


Check out the video below which chronicles our adventure to an adventure rope park as well as our beach and playground adventures. Stay tuned as we’ll take you on a working lobster boat next post. Thanks for stopping by.

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